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Archive for March 2019

eCycling: Don’t Throw Your Computer Away!

At Tech Nav, we recognize that sometimes, the easiest solution to consistent computer problems is to just replace the computer.  Or maybe you’re just ready for a new computer, and find yourself wondering what to do with your old one.   What do you do with an old computer?  We see that this was a…

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How to Leave a Google Review

  Have you ever wanted to share your experience with a business on Google?  It’s a great way to give other possible customers an inside look at what they can expect with a company.  Not only can you provide a star rating that makes it quick and easy for others to get an impression about…

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Tips to Stay Safe While Investing Online

iMac on desk with investment info and coffee cup

Some of the things we see our clients using their computers for day in and day out is very commonly banking information, checking on their investments and monitoring their credit.  One of the reasons we love technology is because it empowers people to have more freedom and options than ever before in their lives.  …

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