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Back to School Shopping Tips

Summer has come to an end and schools are picking backing up. We’ve noticed students look for new devices to start off the school year right. There are always many questions that come with a new device.
  • What’s the difference between the expensive ones and the cheap ones? Which brand? How big?

  • But the question we’ve heard lately is: Should I get a tablet or a laptop?

Although there are many pros to each, one isn’t better than the other! It all just depends on what you need out of your device.


Let’s begin with tablets! The biggest pros to a student wanting a tablet is that it is lightweight and small! It fits nicely in your backpack and it’s easy to whip out in class to take notes or work on assignments. Tablets are extremely useful for mild work, like browsing the web, video streaming, or simply scrolling through social media. The touchscreen makes using apps easy and accessible. For some tablets you can even add them to your phone plan, this allows you to always have connection to the internet through your plan’s data.
Now the cons of tablets are that they do not come with a built in keyboard and tend to have much less storage for files and photos than a laptop would have. Additionally, many times if a piece of software is available for tablets, it is not the full version available for regular computers.


Next, Laptops. The first plus about laptops is that the screen and keyboard are bigger. This makes working on projects and typing-intensive projects easier. Many laptops are designed thinner and smaller, so they can easily fit into a backpack. Laptops are perfect for note-taking and downloads for assignments. Laptops are great for regular work, such as emails, word processing, research, or typing. With unlimited access to software and third party add-ons, laptops can be an extremely powerful tool for completing tasks of all sorts.
The cons of a laptop? Even though they are designed to be portable, laptops are bulkier and heavier than tablets. Tablets can put into a purse, small bag or even a briefcase. Many laptops also tend to have a shorter battery life and cords are once again, bulkier for laptops than tablets.

Our Recommendations

If you’re a student or in a career that would require you to work on the go (such as small business owner or one who travels often), we would recommend a laptop. Otherwise, a tablet will most likely suit your needs just fine. For the average person’s needs, a tablet is easier and more convenient. Need help picking one out? We’d love to help.
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Victory Harbin