How to Leave a Google Review


Have you ever wanted to share your experience with a business on Google?  It’s a great way to give other possible customers an inside look at what they can expect with a company.  Not only can you provide a star rating that makes it quick and easy for others to get an impression about your experience, but you can describe what it was about your experience that prompted you to want to leave a review.  


Writing about your experience with a business can also help that company out.  90% of potential customers will read reviews about a business before they visit – wouldn’t you like to be part of someone’s success story?


If you haven’t left a Google review before, or if you’ve always wanted to but could never quite figure out how, we’d love to help you understand exactly how to do it.  Your first step is to make sure you’re logged into Gmail. If you don’t have a Gmail account yet, sign up for one and then start posting reviews with the steps below!


If You’re On a Computer


It’s easy and simple to leave a review on a business’s Google reviews page from your computer.  First, open up your preferred internet browser and go to Google’s search page. Type the company’s name followed by the city and state that it’s in so that you can get the right place on the first try.


Once you’ve hit the magnifying glass, you’ll see the business’s information on the right of the page.  Usually, there will be photos, contact information, and a link to their website. You’ll also see their Google star rating with a count of how many Google reviews they’ve gotten so far.


Click on the number that shows how many Google reviews the company has.  Now you can read the other reviews left by other Google users. From here, you’ll click the blue “Write a Review” button in the top right hand corner.  Next, choose the star rating you’d like to give the business and write your review in the provided space. You can even add photos if you like!


After you’re done with your review, hit the blue “POST’ button in the bottom right corner.  Voila – your Google review is done!


If You’re On a Phone


Getting to Google reviews on your phone is very similar to doing it on a computer.


First, open your favorite mobile browser and go to Google’s search engine.  Type in the name of the company and the location.


The business should be at the very top of the page.  Right underneath their name, you’ll see the stars and the number of reviews in parentheses on the right of the star rating.  Don’t click there! Instead, below that header information, you’ll see a tab that says “OVERVIEW”. Directly to the right of that tab is the “REVIEWS” tab.  Click there.


This will enable you to see the reviews like you would on a computer.  You’ll see the empty stars waiting for you to rate the business. Click on your star rating for that business.


After you click there, you’ll be redirected to another page where you can write your full review in.  Once you’re done, hit post. Boom – your mobile review is done!


So now – here’s a shameless plug. If you’ve worked with Tech Nav before and you loved your experience, go leave us a review on Google! We love hearing from our customers and we appreciate your reviews more than you know. They truly help our business!

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Victory Harbin