How to Set Up Personal Google News

If you’re a news junkie, then you already know how difficult it can be to find news stories you’re actually interested in online. You might favorite your preferred news stations’ website, or follow them on Facebook, but to find the articles you actually want to see, it takes a lot of searching and scrolling.


Google News has a way to help shorten the time it takes for you to read the articles you want when you want them. All it takes is a little online maneuvering, and before you know it, you’ll be seeing only the articles you want to see!


What Is Google News?

Google News is a feature that was released in 2006 by the online search engine Google. This feature gathers news articles from a wide variety of online newspapers, blogs, and websites, delivering them all into one easy-to-operate feed for the reader’s viewing pleasure.


Because Google tries to always meet the needs of the internet news reader, you’ll note that not only is the headline of each article present, but the articles show when they were posted and on which website you can read them. To read the article, all you have to do is click on the title. Google will pop the article out in a new tab, keeping your place on their news feed but still allowing you to read the article on the website it originated from.

In the last reported information from 2013, there were over 50,000 news sources feeding into Google News.

How Do I Use Google News?

When you go to Google News, the first thing that pops up at the top left corner is a title that reads “Top Headlines”. This shows you the major news of the day, and while that is useful, we’re looking for the button right below it that reads, “For You”.

Clicking on that button will surprise you. The stories you see will generally be of some interest to you. Maybe they zero in on your hobbies, or perhaps they come from a news source that you like to visit on a regular basis. This is because Google has picked up on what you prefer to read about, and their algorithms try to match you up with stories they know you’ll be interested in.


The only way Google can truly know your interests is while you’re logged in to your Gmail account. Google sees your searches and makes a generic profile of you based on what you search for. If you’re not logged in, Google may show you news stories from local news websites based off of your location. Either way, this should give you a better idea of how to start creating a more personalized feed.


How Do I Personalize My Google News Feed?

While in the “For You” tab, if you hover over the top of the article’s title, you’ll see three icons appear next to the date/time stamp of the article. One of those icons depicts an ellipsis (or three little dots). If you click there, you can visit the source of the article’s website, take a look at the “full coverage” of the article (this will show you other articles and links having to do with the story), and even block the news source if it’s not one you trust or like.


You’ll also see two icons showing a Thumbs Up and a Thumbs Down symbol. These icons are what will help determine what shows in your personal Google News feed. Clicking on the Thumbs Up tells Google that you’re interested in reading more stories similar to this one, while the Thumbs Down tells Google that you don’t want to read articles similar to this one.


Over time, the combined efforts of your interests and disinterests on Google will result in a Google News feed that will show you articles and information you’re interested in instead of mixing them in with articles that are not important to you.

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Looking to get your news feed personalized soon? It’s an easy process: First, log in to your Google account. Then, click on the “For You” button. From there, it’s up to you! Keep up with your interests, and read only what you want to read with Google News!

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