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What traveling tech support is and other FAQs

What is traveling tech support?

Traveling tech support means that a professional computer technician comes to your doorstep.

No lines, no hassle. Just service.


Friendly, professional tech support on-site.


You don't even have to leave your house. We come to you.


Less down time. Most devices can be fixed in about an hour.


Often same day appointments available.


Does it cost extra for a technician to come to me?

Not at all.  We do not charge extra for technicians traveling to you.  On-site is a core part of what we do at Tech Nav, so it is built into our prices!

Will I have to wait around for the technician?

Unlike some other companies, Tech Nav doesn't give you a large gap that you have to wait for your technician during. When you schedule a Tech Nav service, you are given a 30-minute window during which your technician will arrive. 

What if I don't have time for a tech to come to my house?

No problem.  Tech Nav's services are completely focused on convenience. Don't have time for an hour appointment with a technician? That's ok. We offer pick up and drop off services.  The technician can pick up your device and simply return when the repair is complete. Ten minutes of your time, from start to finish! 

What if I don't want a technician to come to my house?

That's ok.  We get it! That doesn't offend us. Pick a convenient location and we'll just meet you there. A lot of times we even meet clients as they go into work, fix the device and return at the end of the day! Easy peasy. 

Where are you guys located, anyways?

Tech Nav has a small headquarters in North Knoxville. But given our business model, it isn't open to the public.  We happily serve all of Knox, Blount, Sevier and Anderson counties and love making our services convenient for you!

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. We are licensed with the state of Tennessee, fully insured and bonded. It is our #1 priority to make sure our clients are happy and fully protected!

Do you guys do.....?

Tech Nav can help with all things computers, tablets, smartphones, wi-fi and "smart" technology. Check out our services! Don't see what you need listed? Just give us a call. We'll figure it out together.

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