Tips to Stay Safe While Investing Online

Some of the things we see our clients using their computers for day in and day out is very commonly banking information, checking on their investments and monitoring their credit.  One of the reasons we love technology is because it empowers people to have more freedom and options than ever before in their lives.


A computer isn’t just a piece of equipment that sits in your home office (although, it is.. technically). But rather it’s a portal to the world of information, to unlimited resources to learn and to better prepare yourself and your family (and yes, we really believe that!).

Through our work with the community in East Tennessee, we talk to people who are using their computers, tablets, and smartphones to handle their family’s finances and investments.


 Along the way, we’ve also come across a lot of people who have questions and are nervous about getting bad information online.  We’ve also worked with a lot of people who have gotten bad information and have fallen prey to scams. This got us thinking… where can people find good information online?  Because we know it’s out there.

So, we asked our friend, Michael Bishop. Michael is a financial advisor at CORE Benefits and Investments in Alcoa, TN and he recommended his four favorite, free online resources to get trustworthy information. We figured what better way to share it with you than with a quick blog post!  


SEC’s “Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense”

The first resource is the SEC’s “Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense.” This resource is a short but thorough free eBook that helps consumers identify red flags and how to avoid falling prey to being taken advantage of financially. One very interesting statistic the eBook shares is that in a recent study 56% of seniors “had been subject to an unfair, deceptive, or abusive” financial strategies.  This was certainly eye-opening to us! The cool thing about this eBook is you don’t even have to plug in an email or anything… you can just download it or print it and read! Check it out here.

Click here for the Consumer Guide to Financial Self-Defense. 


Is this company as good as it seems?

Thinking of doing a little investing on your own? These two websites are great ways for you to check out reviews, stock prices and market information before investing. Already invested and want to stay up to date on your investments? These are equally valuable for that scenario as well. Check out:

Click here for Yahoo! Finance

Click here for Morning Star.


Can we trust this guy?

Last but certainly not least, this resource is for checking out a financial professional before working with them. Before forking over access to your financials, taking advice or even taking a meeting, did you know that there is a place where you can check them out? This next site lets you check out any financial broker or advisor’s credentials and track record. We like this! If they’re a known scammer, then you can find it out quickly without having to fall prey to it. Check it out here:

Click here for FINRA.



We hope these resources empower you to use your computer and the internet to make more informed financial decisions for your family. Let us know which of these resources are your favorite! We’d love to hear about it.


If you’re interested in learning more from Michael Bishop, our friend, we’re including his contact information below. He’s been a great resource to us and he has tons of experience in the finance world, so he’s a great one to talk to!

Check out Michael Bishop’s Website

Check out Michael Bishop’s Linked In

Phone: 865-268-8001

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