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Tech Lessons

60 minute lesson with a technician to get all your technology questions answered! Learn that new program, device or both! No stupid questions! Bundle pricing available.
$  99.99/hour
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New Device Set Up

Set up new device and get several moments with a professional technician to help you learn the ropes!
$  105/hour
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Broken Device Repair

Is there a bad part in your device? We'll swap out parts quickly and efficiently for your device and get you up and running quickly. Most device repairs only take an hour, but give us a call for a personalized quote!
$  105/hour
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Having problems with your computer but not sure what is wrong?
$  105/hour

Tune Up

This device is for slow computers! Decrease boot up times, increase software speeds, and much more!
$  109.99/Flat Rate
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Data transfer & Recovery

From backing up your data to recovering data from a failed hard drive, Tech Nav protects your data at any stage of your device's life. Additionally, we provide data consolidation services. Bundled pricing available.
$  See page for pricing
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Virus Scan & Removal

Be confident that you are protected while on your device!
$  109.99/Flat Rate
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Anti-Virus Software

Tech Nav Security is backed by the highest performing anti-virus software on the market - BitDefender. Protect your device from viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and many other malicious attacks! Monthly and annual pricing available for added flexibility.
$  49.99/Year
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Home Networks

Your wireless router will be connected to the internet and the wireless network will be configured with name and password. Your wireless enabled devices will be connected to the network and connectivity verified.
$  99.99