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The Big Scary Windows 10 Update

Microsoft has been preparing to release a large update in October 2018 for most of the year. The roll out began on Thursday and will continue rolling out over the next few weeks slowly for PC users. For many people, updates bring anxiety as they aren’t sure what to expect, if they’ll lose important workflows or even important data on their computer. Would you be interested in bringing on your local Tech Nav owner to share what to expect with this newest update?

What to Expect with the Update:

Integration with Android Phones – “Your Phone App.” You will have access all the photos, texts, and other information on their phone from their PC (No longer have to email pictures to yourself, etc.)
“Continue on PC” feature. You will be able to pick up where they left off on their phones. They can send websites or tasks you are completing on your phone to your PC to continue later (available for both iPhone and Android users)
Bigger font options. You will be able to increase the size of their font. From the start menu on up. Great for those of us who like the text big (for example, site impaired folks)
Automatic Cloud Storage Options. Files that haven’t been opened in over 30 days will automatically be moved to the cloud. This will free up space on your hard drive, save your information from being lost in the event of a computer crash and still allow you to access all of your information!

How to Prepare for the Update:

Back up your hard drive before downloading update. Sometimes updates don’t go as planned, having a back-up is always a great plan.
Give yourself plenty of time before starting the update. This update is a big one, so give yourself plenty of time. Let it run overnight or when you have lots of time to let it run.

Problems with Your Update?

Tech Nav would love to help you. Feel free to give us a call at 865-210-9555.
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Victory Harbin