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  • Professional computer technician comes to you.
  • Serving Knox, Blount, Sevier and Anderson Counties
  • Pick-up & drop-off services available.
  • Same day appointments usually available.
  • Work on both PCs & Macs.
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    • Remove viruses, malware programs, spyware, adware and other malicious software.
    • Stop pop ups.
    • Prevent viruses from slowing down your life!

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    • Tech Nav sells a highly reliable anti-malware and anti-virus software.
    • Our software is backed with a full 365 guarantee. Any suspicious activity will be resolved free of charge! (It's never happened yet)

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    • You've been hacked, now what?
    • Tech Nav specializes in securing computers that have been hacked!
    • Not only will your information be safe, but you will be trained on what to look for to avoid future attacks!
    • Many hackers charge money "to remove viruses" that aren't even there! Tech Nav will walk you through the process of having these fraudulent charges reversed!

A Real Life Story

A couple of months ago, we got a call from Darrell Cooper. His wife and him were browsing on the computer searching for a puppy, when one wrong click had launched a "scareware" attack. A large pop up flashed onto their screen directing them that they had a virus and they needed to contact Microsoft at the number listed on the screen.

Now, Darrell and Suzan had experienced this type of attack before, so luckily, they knew better than to call that number. As a result, they hopped on Google and searched for help there. Unfortunately, the link they clicked on from Google was also fraudulent. ​

By the time we heard from Darrell and Suzan, they had been through the ringer! A scareware attack and an hour on the phone with scammers wanting hundreds of dollars to take "viruses off of their computer."

Grump and Suzan Cooper smiling with arms around each other

Darrell & Suzan Cooper

Maryville, TN
small puppy wagging tail


The Cooper's new puppy!

Given the nature of the people they had been dealing with, the Cooper's computer was truly locked up. Often these scam artists will install monitoring software onto your computer so even after you've paid for your "virus scan" they are still getting your information! Talk about bad people.

Charlie Harbin, Tech Nav's main technician, was able to be at the Cooper's home within an hour. He was able to get their computer unlocked, remove all the viruses and bad software the scammers had installed and get them back online! He was also able to install anti-virus software onto their computer to prevent future attacks like this one from disrupting the Coopers life.

Now, the happy ending of this story comes after Charlie left!​

With a working computer, Darrell and Suzan were able to find a new puppy. Buddy, the newest member of the Cooper house hold is pictured!

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