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What You Should Know About Anti-Virus Software

We all like to think that something for free is better than nothing at all. Because of that, free anti-virus sure beats the heck out of no anti-virus, right? It’s better than exploring the net without a way to catch all the nasty bugs that can do everything from slowing your computer down to completely destroying it. Why pay for anti-virus when it’s easy to find it for nothing?
This is a common misconception we often come across. Our customers can’t believe that free anti-virus can’t protect them from what they need. They’re always surprised to discover that their computer is full of bugs, or may have even been hacked.

Another issue we see is when customers had a paid anti-virus subscription, but didn’t realize that their subscription lapsed. They don’t realize that just because the anti-virus programs is still installed doesn’t mean it’s actively protecting them. This is dangerous because they’re still using their computer as though it’s protected, when in reality all walls are down.
So what can happen when you don’t have the right antivirus?

Computer Viruses
Malware comes in all shapes in sizes, and computer viruses can do some serious damage to your computer. For instance, the ILOVEYOU virus from the year 2000 spread quickly, infecting 10% of the world’s internet-connected computers. Unwary users would open an email with the header, “I love you”, and click on a file that seemed like it could be a love letter. Their computer files would be overwritten by the bug, and the computer would basically turn into a brick.

Other well-known viruses include Zeus, Code Red, and Melissa. All of these had their own sneaky ways of getting into computers and wreaking havoc, causing in some cases billions of dollars worth of damages.

Free antivirus can offer some protection from viruses like these, but having a paid version acts as an even stronger and better mode of protection.

How to Protect Yourself
Think of antivirus as a screen door. That free screen door comes with a couple of holes, but you figure, why not, it’s free. Well, those holes are going to matter when a hornet gets in the house. Having a screen door you paid for and took care of is going to cost you, sure. However, it’s also going to keep all of the nasty bugs out.

Paying for antivirus offers much more protection than free options. Choose the most affordable option for yourself, and make sure to keep up with subscriptions.

It’s always a great idea to double check your anti-virus protection at least once a week to make sure everything is running the way it should. Check for updates, subscription warnings, and make sure that you keep a scan going on your system to keep from getting infected.

We Can Help Protect You
For some people, choosing the right antivirus isn’t the easiest decision to make. There are multiple antivirus softwares available, and the majority of those are overpriced and include services you may not need.

That’s where we step in.

Tech Nav Security is our own brand of antivirus protection, and is monitored 24/7 for your protection. Should anything get past our filters, we will often know about it before you do, and will deal with the problem without causing you any hassle in your computer use.
We run on the idea of efficiency and minimal interruptions, which is why our antivirus won’t give you those annoying, windowed pop-ups explaining how we did our job. Instead, once a day you may notice a small notification in the corner of your screen telling you that everything is A-okay.

Our system is backed by BitDefender, and we believe in our product so wholeheartedly that we offer a full 365-day warranty. This means that if a virus gets through to your system, we recognize that it’s our mistake, and we’ll fix it with no cost to you!

At only $65 a year, that’s less than a quarter a day. If purchased with another service, it’s only $40 per year!

So get the best protection now. You will rest easier knowing that your computer is safe from viruses.

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